Obsessed with Beauty

Not many of us can admit that we love or are obsessed with beauty or personal care products…Whether you admit to it or not read on to see my top beauty obsessions for the month of June!

1. Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in So Me

I am obsessed with the way that this colour looks on my skin. It comes out as a beautifully warm toned nude stain.

2. Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water & Garnier Even and Matte face cream

When it comes to removing waterproof make-up the Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar  water is the ultimate winner. I like to use it at night because the oil not only effectively removes stubborn make-up but it also helps to moisturise and hydrate my skin as I sleep. I recently started following this up with the Even Matte daily cream which smells, amazing an has a nice soft finish.

Obsessed Micellar water

3. Dove Derma Spa Hand Cream

I have an entire post on this hand cream basically it’s fast adsorbing and deeply hydrates your skin all day long.

Obsessed hand cream

4. Caribbean Tan Cinnamon Body Scrub

Wow I love this product. I know you are all wondering what a dark-skinned girl needs a tanning product for…Well this is a pre-tanning body scrub which works amazing for my dry skin. The sugar gently removes the dry and dead skin and in the process infuses it with the rich repairing oil which leaves my skin baby soft every time. I also find that it leaves my skin with an iridescent glow which is perfect for summer when your legs come out to play 😉

5. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I think this product needs no introduction. It is the best thing you could ever use for your hair and skin. I love the natural smell and how it deeply moisturises my skin.

6. Cutex nail polish in Pop The Prosecco

My gosh I haven’t seen Cutex nail polish since they days I used to steal my mum’s blood-red nail polish! Funny how so many new brands have taken over the legacy of this brand, literally nail polish back in those days was referred to as Cutex! Anyway, I love this bronzy-metallic shade on my skin and I must say that it’s still as good as it was back then, long lasting and highly pigmented.

Obsessed cutex

7. Nivea Perfect and Radiant Micellar Water

I have an entire post on this so read it if you would like. I mostly use The Nivea Micellar water to cleanse my skin when I have used minimal make-up. It’s gentle on my skin and does a good job of removing unwanted make-up residue.

Watch this video to see what’s left of my lost footage for my June faves…

I hope you liked it!



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