BETADINE Intimate Care Mini Survey

On my Instagram stories I mentioned that I had conducted a mini survey with the family and friends who I shared the BETADINE Intimate Care with. So the long and short of it is that some people were definitely keen to try it and while others were firm believers of not using intimate care products of any sort. What I found particularly interesting was that those who stood for intimate care products were very sure of it and believe that they made them feel fresh and clean. Those who were against them either said their doctors advised them not to use them or they believe that intimate washes have harmful additives which cause the imbalance of ph levels “down there”. Well that being said, read on to understand my thoughts.

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BETADINE Intimate Care-my initial thoughts

So, I grew up using Betadine wound care products basically my entire childhood relied on Betadine to heal my endless bruises and scratches. I also recall my father using the mouthwashes. When I heard that they had an intimate range I already felt comfortable to test out the product because it is a brand I already know and love.

After trialling the BETADINE Intimate Care gel and foam washes for a few weeks I realised that I would probably buy the foam again mainly because it was easy to apply. I was quite impressed by how gentle it was on my skin. It literally feels natural just as it would feel if you rinsed yourself with plain water.

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To answer the question to use or not to use…

As I mentioned earlier, there are quite a lot of mixed feelings about intimate washes in general. I can say that my doctor has never advised me against them but, she did however mention that I must not use them every day. Just to reiterate this BETADINE Intimate Care is a for daily use but I personally prefer not to use it on a daily basis. My final evaluation is that anything that is used in moderation and like the BETADINE Intimate Care does not contain harmful chemicals is perfectly fine for me.

BETADINE Intimate Care Quick Facts:

BETADINE™ Daily Intimate Care range contains a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation combined with prebiotics bringing balance and care that matters.

  • Odour control: CITROFOL™ AI (Triethyl citrate) which is a natural extract that provides effective odour neutralisation
  • Cleansing and protecting: IMMORTELLE (Helichrysum italicum extract) also known as the “everlasting flower”, Immortelle is a natural antioxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture
  • Anti-itch & irritation: SENSIVA® SC50 (Ethylhexylglycerin)is a natural active ingredient that soothes the skin, inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria and reduces skin redness and irritation

What does BETADINE Intimate Care smell like?

I would say it has a fresh and natural scent.

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Where can I purchase the BETADINE Intimate Care?

Clicks online sells both the gel and foam in all the sizes the 50 ml for R 39,99.

*Note that the price is subject to change without prior notice. For more product information have a look at rubybox reviews

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