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Honestly speaking serums haven’t really been part of my skincare routine. I’ve tried one or two samples but never religiously. Anyway, after suffering a major acne attack I realised that I needed to assist my skin to regain its radiance and clarity. I’ve sort of been searching for the right serum but I found it difficult to decide on one. Luckily for me rubybox sent me the Boost skin serum range. Continue reading to see how my skin changed after using the serums just for 2 weeks!

My current skincare routine including the Boost Serum

So like I said my normal routine didn’t include a skin serum but I found it super easy to add it in. So here is my everyday routine:
1. I use a charcoal based bar soap to wash my face,
2. After every 2 days I exfoliate with a micro non-abrasive, natural face scrub
3. Every week I use a different face mask, usually herbal or charcoal based
4. I tone my face before moisturising
5. I have now added the Boost Serum at the post-toning and pre-moisturising stage
6. After applying the Boost Serum (Glow) in the mornings I then apply my moisturiser
7. At night I follow the same routine but I use the Boost (Clear) Serum instead

My Skin Type

At the moment my skin is quite dry. It is acne prone and this is why I went for the Boost Glow serum to bring some life into my dry skin. I also chose the Boost Clear serum, so help my skin to clear up because I have some acne scarring that I am trying to gently eliminate.

Before and After Boost Serum

I found that my skin was free from the breakout which had developed and it was also noticebly clearer in just a few days, literally before I reached the 2 week mark.

Watch this video to see how to use the Boost Serum

Have you tried the Boost serum already? If so which one? Comment down below, it would mean alot to me if I heard from you 🙂



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