My Co-Washing Journey

So before I introduce the TRESemmé Co-Wash I want to start from the very beginning of my personal journey. Co-washing was never part of my hair care regime, I actually used to get my hair washed at the salon where they usually used unnamed products to cleanse and condition my hair and quite frankly this never bothered me at all.

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As the Afrocentric movement started to grow and I got exposed to more and more content on ethnic hair care; I started to know the difference between the products that were good for my hair and those which were harmful. I then started to identify specific brands that were kind to my hair, and guess what, TRESemmé was one of them!

I went on to alternate between shampooing and co-washing as part of my regular hair care regime. For the longest time i’ve been using regular conditioner to co-wash which had  a few downsides including build-up. Read on to see how I discovered TRESemmé co-wash and how it’s different from regular conditioners out there.

Introducing TRESemmé Co-Wash

TRESemmé has probably spent quite a while refining the quality of their brand and I must say that the botanic or botanique range is quite a stunner. The products are made from all natural ingredients that are friendly to your hair, extremely hydrating and smell absolutely delicious! When rubybox told me that TRESemmé had a new product on the market I was obviously stunned and can already say after a few uses, that I am impressed. TRESemmé Co-wash has a soft and silky texture, it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. Read on to see how and when I use it.

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What Does TRESemmé Co-Wash Contain?

Each bottle is enriched with Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera which are an absolute match made in heaven, they also help to give it the divine scent. TRESemmé Co-wash is also free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, dye and sulfates which dry out your hair and contribute to breakage and weak hair.

TRESemme Co-Wash

How Do I Use TRESemmé Co-Wash?

So if you read my posts regularly you would know that I change my hair (styles) a lot. I would recommend using TRESemmé Co-Wash on ethnic hair or curly weaves. Usually I wash my hair every week, I would shampoo it in one week and then co-wash for two consecutive weeks and keep alternating it unless I have a special requirement, which I will explain. So what is a special requirement? I find that when you have loosened your hair from braids or cornrows, instead of combing your already dry and brittle hair, which can only result in serious breakage–you can pre-poo it using TRESemmé Co-Wash.

Hmm… another technical term, what is pre-pooing? Basically I apply a generous amount of co-wash to my dry hair and let it stand for 5 minutes. I then add a small amount of warm water and lather it in until the hair is completely soft. I go in with my Tangle Teezer and remove all the knots. The actual act of pre-pooing is when you add a significant amount of moisture to your hair before shampooing it. Why? Well because shampoo not only strips the dirt off of your hair, it also tends to strip the useful oils out of your hair so pre-pooing is essential when your hair is at its most vulnerable state.

Co-Wash botanic

The main reason why I would advise you to co-wash is mainly because TRESemmé Co-Wash is enriched with healthy ingredients like coconut milk and Aloe Vera which gently cleanse your hair and lifts all the dirt from your scalp–lacing it with a healthy moisture seal from root to tip. So far I have not noticed any build-up after using TRESemmé Co-Wash so, i’ve even used it to co-wash my braided hair. I love the fresh feeling and scent it leaves after every use.

Where Can I Purchase TRESemmé Co-Wash

TRESemmé is available in DisChem, Clicks stores, Pick n Pay and other large pharmacies and supermarkets across South Africa. Visit the TRESemmé website. For more information have a look at rubybox reviews.

What’s your favourite TRESemmé hair care product? Let me know in the comments below.

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Soooo, I’m giving away two 750ml bottles of TRESemmé Co-Wash!

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