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So… I’m currently on this all-natural skincare journey and was lucky enough to receive the Eau Thermale Avène which is a super-amazing, life-changing product from rubybox. No, I am not being over the top because I recently read that one of these products is sold every two seconds worldwide! Now that’s insane. Actually after using this product a few times it all makes sense to me. Read on to find out the many uses of the Eau Thermale Avène.

What is Eau Thermale Avène?

Eau Thermale Avène is an all-natural product made from rain water or spring water and sea minerals. Now this product has been carefully developed and tested to bring out mother nature’s best healing properties. This simple spring water solution is rich in minerals that help balance your skin’s pH levels while gently removing impurities and promoting cell-regeneration. Like the sound of this already? Then you’ll love using it!


How do I use Eau Thermale Avène?

After Shaving – to soothe and moisturise your skin.

To naturally soothe nappy rash for those babes with super-sensitive skin.

After cleansing your face to seal in the moisture 🙂

Post-procedure – to help with cell regeneration.

During travel – I actually forgot my face cream when I was away and this definitely came in handy!

After sporting activities – it refreshes and revives your skin instantly.

Damaged Skin/ Wounds

Allergic Reactions/ Redness – I used this for mosquito bites and it worked like a charm.


After Sun

To Set Make-Up – when I saw this point I was like: hold, up! Wait really? So I went ahead and gave it a try. Watch this quick get ready with me (GRWM) video to see the results:

Before and After Using Eau Thermale Avène

When I started using Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water Spray, I had severe acne and couldnt figure out how to calm my aggrevated skin. I began spraying Eau Thermale Avène after my evening face regime on totally dry skin and within days I saw some really impressive results. First off, I found that it had completley dried out all of the pimples on my face, in a non-abrasive and soothing manner. As I continued with my beauty regime I picked up that the dead skin would naturally peel off to reveal a vibrant and revived skin tone. Hip-hip-hooray. See the pictures below, the proof is in the pudding, so it’s high time you headed over to DisChem Stores and purchased your own!

eau thermale avene spring water_2017

How much does Eau Thermale Avène cost?

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray only costs R139.00 for the 150ml can. Plus, let me assure you that a little goes a long way, so this is definitely a solid investment.

Where can I buy Eau Thermale Avène in South Africa?

You can purchase the entire range at DisChem stores or for your convenience order it online from Dischem.co.za

Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water_2017

I hope this was helpful! Thanks again to rubybox for sponsoring the product 🙂



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