Finding out about Justine Dailycare Hydrating Range for the first time…

My dry skin has been giving me issues for the longest time, I literally have tried millions of products and I feel like I can safely say i’ve finally struck gold! The Justine Dailycare Hydrating Range is magical, let me give you a detailed run down of the range and what I liked the most about each product, read on and find out how I felt.


Justine Dailycare Hydrating Range

Dealing with dry skin can be a challenge, I find that most products claim to be hydrating but the results always seem to state otherwise. After using the Justine cream cleanser, gel toner and hydrating day cream and I was pleasantly surprised. I found that this trio is lightly scented, highly complementary and extremely hydrating.


Justine Dailycare Cream Cleanser:

This thick and creamy formula is a pleasure to use, I imagine it being like a full cream yoghurt made just for you skin! It’s thick, creamy and very gentle on the skin. I actually discovered that it doubles up as an excellent alcohol-free, non-abrasive make-up remover. It also has a very nice scent, I love the scent 🙂

Justine Dailycare Toning Gel:

I think this is such and interesting product. It’s actually the first time i’ve used a gel toner and I am happy to report that it has this wonderfully cooling and calming effect. Because it’s alcohol free it doesn’t leave your skin with a weird dry and tight feeling. I actually found that leaves it smooth and supple each time which I can’t get enough of.

Justine Moisturising Day Cream:

The last step of this hydrating beauty regimen is the moisturiser. I love that it hydrates your skin and leaves an even looking finish, not too shiny and definitely not matt and dry in a weird way. It also has a wonderful scent, it makes me feel so calm and relaxed, I must admit that i use this as a night cream as well, I should probably invest in the official night cream which is also available for purchase 🙂

Where can I purchase the Justine Dailycare Hydrating range?

Visit the Justine website. For more information have a look at rubybox reviews.

What’s your favourite Justine skincare product? Let me know in the comments below.



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