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Those of you who have read my blog posts would know that I’m a Beiersdorf girl. I love all their products mainly Nivea, Eucerin and obviously Labello. I get super excited every time they come up with a new and innovative flavour. I loved the Labello Blackberry Shine and now it is with great pleasure that I can officially review the Labello Vanilla Buttercream. I take this very seriously so please don’t judge me! Read on to see how I felt about this new lip balm.

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How does the Labello Vanilla Buttercream Smell?

Well pretty much as the name suggests this Labello smells like a freshly baked and iced vanilla cupcake-no joke. Labello Vanilla Buttercream is very gentle on your lips and even though it smells like heaven, it still is very gentle on the nose, I’m only saying this because some people are allergic to lip balms that have a strong smell. This is more of a light lingering scent which if I am to be completely honest; makes you feel a bit hungry!

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How does Labello Vanilla Buttercream feel and how do I use it?

I especially like that it glides so gently on your lips and only a light feeling, and deeply moisturising layer is left. I really dislike it when a lip balm is greasy, sticky and thick. Best believe that the Labello Vanilla Buttercream is your handbag’s best friend. When I’m out in the sun I like to use it to moisturise my lips or as a base before applying lipstick. I also know for a fact that the Labello lip balms are made from a solid formula which doesn’t melt easily in the sun so this is a perfect beach or holiday essential.


I also find that the Labello Vanilla Buttercream is a more suited to those who don’t like lip tints. So it’s completely nude and doesn’t leave your lips glistening. It does however combat dryness and leaves your lips looking natural, yet hydrated.

Where can I buy Labello Vanilla Buttercream?

Pretty much at any pharmacy like Clicks or Dischem and even supermarkets like Spar or Pick n’ Pay. You can also read more reviews of the product on rubybox. I’m pretty sure it only costs about R24 and it lasts quite long. Don’t wait too long to get your hands on this lovely Labello Vanilla Buttercream, get yours today!

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Have you already tried this product? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. Did you like it or love it?


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