Lux Even Tone Smells like…

The one thing that Lux always does right are the fragrances of their soaps. I absolutely love how creamy and actually deliciously smelling this soap is. It is enriched with cocoa butter which we already know smells like heaven! It is also perfectly combined with White Lily to give a beautifully subtle, floral-fruity scent. I love how it lingers on your skin all day!

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Lux Even Tone For Great Skin

As someone who has grown up knowing and trusting the Lux brand I was already convinced that the results would be amazing even before I tried the soap! I went ahead and tried the soap for two weeks and I can say that my skin felt smooth after every use. The soap has tiny micro abrasive particles that gently exfoliate all the dead skin, leaving you with a smooth finish. It’s like an exfoliant and soap at the same time!

I was more than impressed by how my skin was slowly smoothing out after every use. The cocoa butter also leaves this nice hydrating feel which brightened up my skin. In most cases I find that bar soaps used to make my skin quite dry but, not this one! Honestly, I have trusted cocoa butter for the longest time as my go-to to revive my dry skin.

How Does the Lux Even Tone Soap Feel?

It glides smoothly on the skin and thankfully for the new and clever shape, it is easy to grip. It has beautiful grooves in the form of a flower pattern which give you a firm grip on the soap making it easy for you to gently and evenly lather your skin.

Where Can I Buy Lux Even Tone Soap?

What I should be asking is where you cannot find the Lux Even Tone soap because I am confident that it is available at most major retailers in South Africa like Clicks and even Woolworths. It sells for only R13.99 for a 175g soap bar. for more information read the rubybox reviews.

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