What is Nivea Perfect & Radiant Facial Day Cream?

Nivea Perfect and Radiant face cream is a lightweight, and very gentle face cream designed to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. I am a loyal Nivea girl. I literally swear by it from face creams, body lotion, hand cream all the way to their sunscreen range. When rubybox offered to send me this product I felt like the Gods had answered my prayers! Read on to see the results. PS: look out for words like dewy, iridescent glow, radiant and more.


How do I use Nivea Perfect & Radiant Facial Day Cream?

So I simply added the Nivea Perfect face cream to my morning and day time beauty regime. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already but this face cream has a sun protection factor of 15. Which is just great for the spring time 🙂 I find that I wouldn’t want my skin to be completely blocked from the healthy vitamins that the sun has to offer so SPF15 is just right for me.


In the morning after washing my face and letting it dry naturally I go in with the Nivea Perfect face cream. It has such a nice smooth, dewy feel on my skin, I also really love it’s gentle scent, which always seems to put me in a good mood 🙂 Smell good feel good type vibes, if you know what I mean…

Before and after using Nivea Perfect & Radiant Facial Day Cream

I found that after using it consistently for a few weeks my skin developed an even tone, I saw that my acne scars faded out significantly. I also saw that it was leaving me with an iridescent glow—don’t mistake this for an oily face please. It’s more of a naturally radiant look versus the dull, pale look my skin had before I started using Nivea Perfect. Have look at my before and after pics below.

How much does it cost & where can I buy it?

At the moment it costs R94.95 for 50ml at Clicks Stores. ***Please note that the price may change. Also Nivea products can be purchased at Pick n Pay, Dischem and a number of pharmacies across South Africa.


I’m super happy with the results after using Nivea Perfect and Radiant Facial Day Cream for just two weeks!
Also, please watch this video on my Spring faves I feature the Nivea Perfect cream 🙂

Hope you liked it!



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