Nivea Perfect And Radiant Toning Lotion

So, I need to begin by saying that I am a sworn Nivea fan and this is why I didn’t have to think twice about signing up to receive this amazing toning lotion from rubybox. Let me give you a brief history on my thoughts about Nivea products in general…

So without revealing my age (eek!) I can safely say that I have known and loved Nivea since I was a little girl. My older sister and mum always bought the Nivea Creme that only came in a tin container and was sealed with foil which back then was freaking amazing! Of course I was too young to use the creme but I always found a way to steal some just because I loved the scent. Also funny enough I actually remember the lines of the TV Ad they were running at the time which went a little like this…

“Nivea knows how to treat a lady, (O-oooh Nivea…) Nivea knows how to treat a lad-aaaay!”

Fast forward to the present day, I got nostalgic chills down my spine when I smelt the Nivea toning lotion for the first time. It’s exactly the same calming scent as the Nivea Creme! What are the chances? Read on to find out more about the amazing properties of the Perfect and Radiant Toning Lotion.

How do I use Nivea Perfect & Radiant Nivea Toning Lotion?

I use the Nivea Toning Lotion on a freshly washed face. Mostly I use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evenings. I simply apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and dab my face with it. I find that it removes excess residue and opens up the pores on my face.

Before and after using Nivea Perfect & Radiant Nivea Toning Lotion

Here are a few things I discovered after using the product:

    • It has a gentle and calming scent
    • It is does not cause irritation to my skin
    • It doesn’t leave your skin dry and tight like most toners
    • It deeply moisturises your skin without leaving an uneven and glossy sheen
    • It leaves your skin smooth
    • It gently and naturally evens out your skin tone
    • My breakouts stopped after using it for 5 days only!

I have already started to notice an iridescent glow on my bare face after a few weeks of using it together with the Perfect and Radiant face cream. I look forward to getting rid of my blemishes so, I will definitely continue using the Nivea Toning Lotion 🙂

Where can I buy Nivea products?

I believe you can purchase the Nivea Toning Lotion at Clicks Stores. The average price is around R62.95 for the 200ml. Also Nivea products can be purchased at Pick n PayDischem and a number of pharmacies across South Africa.

Watch this video to see the my daily routine featuring the Nivea toning lotion!

Hope you liked it!


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