What is Pilaten Pore Strip?

Pilaten Pore Strip is a formulation designed to gently lift impurities from your skin that cause blackheads. It also cleanses and strips unwanted residue and hair from the root of the pores of your skin, leaving it feeling cool, fresh and smooth!


How do I use Pilaten Pore Strip?

So I received the Pilaten pore strip from rubybox in a sachet, which is basically enough for one application. But…firstly what you need to do is prepare your skin. I needed to open up my pores before applying the mask so I heated a damp face towel in the microwave for 30 seconds then gently dabbed it on my face. The heat from the steam on my towel was a perfect way to unclog my pores and enlarge them before applying the Pilaten pore strip.

The instructions say you must dab your face dry but I allowed my face to dry naturally. I then started evenly applying the Pilaten pore strip on my face avoiding my eyes and lips in the process. It’s quite a thick mixture so it was quite easy to achieve an even application across my face within a few minutes. I also noticed that the Pilaten Pore strip does not have a scent at all which is nice for people who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin.


After my application was done I waited 10-15 minutes for the Pilaten mask to dry. You can also tell that it’s dry when the surface becomes less sticky and more smooth and bit tight on your skin. Don’t be afraid of the tightness, you can easily loosen it up by yawning which helps to stretch your face a bit and loosen the mask in the process.

I must say the process of removing the Pilaten mask was not as easy as it looks on the pictures but, since this was my first time I figured that I should have left the edges even to make the lifting and peeling process easier. Needless to say I managed to strip it off eventually.


WARNING: Pilaten pore strip is kind of similar to a wax strip-eek! I only discovered this during the peeling process. So it strips everything on your face including:


-Dirt and excess residue stuck in your pores

-Small facial hairs

-Dead skin

Eye brows-jokes!!! It actually doesn’t remove your eyebrows so don’t worry about that!

Before and After Using Pilaten Pore Strip

After completely removing the Pilaten mask I found that my face was super smooth and radiant. My existing acne looked a lot better and all the dead skin had been stripped off. All in all I can say that I will definitely use the Pilaten pore strip again. See my before and after pictures below.

Before:                                                                         After:

pilaten pore strip

How much does Pilaten Pore Strip cost?

The Pilaten Pore Strip small sachet which is equivalent to one application only costs R29! If you have tried the product and love it-which you will, you can purchase the 60g tube which costs: R210


Where can I buy Pilaten Pore Strip in South Africa?

You can purchase it at AlphaPharm stores or for your convenience order it online from pilaten.co.za

Watch this video to see how I applied the Pilaten pore strip 🙂

I really hope this was helpful! Thanks again to rubybox for sponsoring the product!



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