Urban Decay online spoiler alert–there were tonnes of freebies!

So, as far as I recently discovered a lot of people in South Africa, or let me just say a few of my friends who happen to be beauty obsessed had no idea that Urban Decay had an online store. Now, If you’ve followed me long enough you would know that I am obsessed with online shopping mainly because I find that it’s usually cheaper than in store. Now I’m not just thumb sucking this information, I have researched the general price of women’s clothing at a specific quality range and it is clear that you have a better and wider choice online and it is significantly cheaper. We’re not really talking about clothing here but one thing I love is a discount and a freebie and that’s exactly how my online shopping experience went with Urban Decay. Read on to see how it works.

Urban Decay
I just love their packaging, this is my online order plus the two freebies.

My Urban Decay Online shopping experience

Firstly, Urban Decay is one of the few vegan and cruelty free beauty brands available in South Africa. So I frequent the Urban Decay store at the V&A Waterfront and find that it’s quite small and it’s quite hard to discover new products especially when a whole queue of people are waiting to swatch lipsticks or get their make-up done. Now my theory is that I can discover some products online and use the physical store to test it out then if i’m happy with the tester I can place my order online. It sounds like a mission but trust me if you are passionate about the product it’s soo worth it, plus I came across a discount code only valid online. I was also pleasantly surprised when I placed my order  and received a free full-sized Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion and a Perversion sample-sized mascara. Now this may sound petty but most of the discounts are only valid online. If you check the Urban Decay online store you’ll find that they have regular offers which you will never get in store.

Urban Decay 1
I sampled the New Cherry Lipstick in store, sadly I wasn’t blown away!

How to Place an Urban Decay Order Online

So it’s quite simple. All you need to do is register. The registration is quick and easy, you simply fill in your personal details, card details and delivery address. Once that’s done you can start adding your favourite Urban Decay spoils to your cart; checkout then pay and you’ll have your goodies within 3-5 working days! It’s so simple plus you save a lot more when you shop online. Another great tip is to add the items you love to your ‘favorite’ list just so that you have them all in one place and you can also see if any of those items are discounted at any point. It works exactly the same way as a wishlist. I would definitely urge you to order online, its cheaper, you get surprise vouchers and freebies, plus it’s nice to receive a beautiful box after a few days–like a present to yourself!

Urban Decay 4
Wearing the Comfort Matte Vice Lipstick in the shade 1993. I also used the lip liner 21/7 lip liner

Where else can I purchase Urban Decay products?

As far as I know Foschini online is the only other legitimate store in South Africa which sells Urban Decay. Beware of fake products!

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