Outfits Of The Week


So this is my own version of the popular Outfit Of The Day, OOTD tag.

I always struggle to find the perfect outfits for work in the morning. I’m sure it’s because of these main issues below.

There are w-aaaaay too many options.

As you all know or as some of you can relate to, I am a beauty and fashion hoarder. So yea my cupboards are little full at the moment; and yea it may be a bit hard to pick one thing out of a hundred, if you know what I mean..

Watch this video to see some of my favourite outifts:

My general mood in the morning.


So I’ve tried choosing my work outfits the night before and by the time the morning comes I’m no longer “feeling it”. I hope there’s someone out there who echoes the same sentiments because sometimes I seriously think I’m going crazy!


The Cape Town weather!


I mean…what more is there to say? For non-Cape Town residents here’s a little intro to the situation: 4 seasons in one day–period. So yea I spend a lot of time on the  Accuweather App making sure I don’t get any unpleasant surprises during the course of the day but sadly I have to admit that on some days you just don’t win. It is what it is.

outfit of the day

Anyway I seem to have gone off on a tangent for a bit there, but I think having a record of a few outfits that you really like and that look good on you is a good way to save time in the mornings.


Here is a video where I pair my favourite winter boots with some outfits. I hope you get some inspiration. To be completely honest the bulk of these clothes are from Woolworths, Superbalist, Spree, Zando or Edgars

Hope you enjoyed it!