Superbalist and Spree haul

Well, hello there guys! So since its winter in South Africa or Cape Town to be specific I decided to do a little haul on the stuff I bought at Superbalist and Spree. It’ s mostly winter wear but some of it can pass off as autumn, spring and even summer wear. Yea the weather here is quite temperamental so basically any one of these outfits can be worn at any point of the year. They’ll come in handy so read on to see what I bought on Spree and Superbalist! I also added a must-watch try-on video at the end 🙂

Who are Superbalist and Spree?

Well before I dive into this post I have to let you know that Superbalist and Spree are the leading fashion online stores in South Africa who have quite recently announced that they will be merging! Shocker, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s get into this haul!

Superbalist and Spree versus ME!

To make this a little exciting; scroll through the list of clothing items below then watch the video at the end to see who wore it better the Superbalist and Spree models or me! Have fun and don’t forget to COMMENT BELOW!

1. Spree Easy Wrap Dress Black by Vero Moda

This is a cute little number which I love to dress up or even wear to work in winter. The length is just right, I love the peachy paisley print which contrasts beautifully against the black background.


2. Superbalist Frankie dress by JACQUELINE DE YONG

Again this dress is such a cutie! It appears to have some dandelion prints which I found super unique, again the pop of colour got my attention because it has shades of bright pink and blue which live comfortably with the major part of the dress which is black. It also has this interesting asymmetrical seam which curves around the belly area. I find it super feminine and flattering! Dress it up or dress it down–you do you boo-boo…


3. Superbalist Shelley Boots by DAISY STREET

Every girl needs a pair of thigh high boots plus, they go so well with the dresses I’ve mentioned above. If you want to add a touch of sexy and warmth to your look then these are your go-to. I love to wear them with almost everything in winter coz they’re so warm. So whether its, leggings, dresses or jeans these thigh high boots will go with it all!


4. Spree Cardigan with Detachable Faux Fur Collar Black by Tokyo Laundry

Am I the only one thinking of Cardi B right now? Lol that was extra, ignore me. Anyway who doesn’t love a cardi? No but seriously this is not just any old cardi, it comes with a fluffy faux fur collar which makes it look a little more expensive than it actually is. I also need to add that it’s super warm to wear as well.


5. Superbalist Chiffon polka dot frill top by MISSGUIDED

This top got me at Yellow. I just love yellow, the polka-dots, the chiffon fabric and of course the sexy frilly sleeves. I think if you are looking for a blouse that will make you stand out of the crowd, this is definitely it. So who do you think wore this top better? Let me know below 🙂


6. Brace V-neck sweat by JACQUELINE DE YONG


7. Royal coated jeans by ONLY


8. Superbalist Frilly frill sweat by VERO MODA


9. Superbalist Long sleeve stripe fitted ringer top by NEW LOOK


10. Superbalist Sinner high-waisted authentic ripped skinny jeans by MISSGUIDED

Do you own a pair of jeans that completes you or any look for that matter? Well ladies and gents this is it for me, I just can’t say more about how comfy these jeans are and also they go with almost everything! Cute girly tops, slouchy tomboy shirts, sexy body tops etc…you name it these jeans are here for it. I also love, love, love stuff from Misguided 🙂 The quality is always on point for me.


11. Superbalist Split front knit by DAILYFRIDAY

Winter is all about comfort and warmth, or is it? Jokes I think it is for the most part. I want to end this haul on a bit of an honest note…


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VERY IMPORTANT! As much as I love this jumper I have to be completely honest and say that I am not pleased with the quality especially considering how much I paid for it so, I will not be purchasing any more jumpers from the brand DAILYFRIDAY. Thank you, goodbye—–no actually please watch my video below….

Here is a quick video showcasing all my latest Spree and Superbalist purchases. Remember to tell me who you think wore the outfits better in the comments below 🙂

I hope you liked it!



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