Spring Fashion Trend Alerts

Hello, again and thank you for visiting my blog! As the name of my blog suggests, I am slightly “obssessed” with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Below I will share some of my spring fashion trend favourites, from off the shoulder tops to mules or slides and finally some tribal accessories and chokers of course. This year some of the spring fabrics and prints I’ve featured include: tribal or African print, strips, embroidery, dusty pink, lace, mustard, beads,crochet, tie-dye and gingham.

fashion trend_shelly taylor

Spring Fashion Trend: Off The Shoulder, Bardot or Gypsy Tops

I can’t express how happy I am that the Off The Shoulder or Off-Shoulder fashion trend is back in. Put your hands up if you rocked this trend “years ago” (let’s not reveal our age now :). I remember that they were called gypsy tops back then and my sister and I purchased them from Edgars back in the day. It’s crazy how these fashion trends are making regular comebacks. I almost feel like saving all the clothes I own for my future kids (eek!), with the way things are going they might end up being prized possessions in 10 or 20 years. I mean seriously this trend was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950’s and 60’s, not sure if that’s when they called them Bardot tops but I do know that they refer to them as Bardot tops nowadays as well. Anyhoo, lets get into it…

Colours: Mustard & Dusty Pink

Spring fashion_dusty pink

Firstly I would like to share are some of the colour fashion trend that I’m loving this spring, specifically Mustard and Dusty Pink. Have a look a this Off-the-shoulder Gypsy dusty pink top, it has amazing sleeves that just open up like bird wings!


I also purchased this Alex Long Sleeve Top which is super vibrant and I feel like it reminds me that summer is near 🙂 Both are from Spree as well.

Spring fashion_mustard


The next fashion trend item I would like to share is a Striped Bardot Top Blue and White top from Spree.co.za. I love this top because it’s Sissy Boy brand which is quite a good quality. It has beautiful knot detailing on the sleeves which adds to the elegance of the top. Comment down below with your thoughts on this piece 🙂

Spring Fashion Trends_Bardot


Now if you guys watched my video you may have heard me say that my boyfriend told me that this fabric reminded him of table cloths! And that ladies, is why we don’t ask men for their opinion on fashion trends! Moving on swiftly I love this top because it’s loose and comfortable which means I can still wear it in summer with shorts and in spring with some leggings and my sliders which I will show you below. I purchased this AX Paris Gingham Bardot top from Zando.co.za.

Spring fashion_gingham

Fashion Trend: Mules or Slides

Embroidery, Flowers and bows

So I always thought that mules or sliders were a bit weird and uncomfortable, but I was wrong! These are the cutest most comfortable shoes I own. I love that they come in all these cute designs that are summery and work well if you dress them up or down. Have a look at my embroidery mules that I purchased from Spree. Tell me which fashion trend you like, the embroidery flowers or the bow design–comment below!

Fashion Trend: Crochet Shorts & Tassels | Tribal Necklaces & Chokers

African Tribe Prints and Beads, Lace etc…

Learn more about these fashion trends on the video below which covers all the items on this post.

Hope you liked it!