Being Boss Brunch 2016

Women's Day South Africa 2016

First of all I have to say that it was an absolute privilege to attend the Being Boss Brunch which was held at the Fire and Ice Hotel this past Saturday. It being Women’s Month it felt really good to be spoilt rotten and motivated at the same time. What do I actually mean? Well, upon arrival we were greeted by a spread of the finest Danishes; some really good coffee, tea and Mimosa’s. As if that wasn’t enough we had a red hot line-up of boss ladies (female entrepreneurs) who shared their journeys through the challenging world of business in South Africa.

Guest Speakers

The First Speaker was Ms. Nwabisa Mayema who spoke about Ingredients for Starting Successfully. Nwabisa happens to be the Executive Director of What I took away from her presentation was that “you need to own your own story, believe in your own magic and figure out your strengths and weaknesses”. Nwabisa also stressed that a company should be based on a vision and not on you as an individual. In essence she meant that even if you started the company it should still be able to operate in your absence.

The next speaker was Busi Sizani the Regional Partnerships Manager at Uber, her topic was How to be Disruptive and Innovative. Busi spoke about “staying relevant”, always being one step ahead and how “feedback is so important” for the growth of your business.

Portia Masimula, ‎CEO & Co-Founder of KarisaniIT was the third speaker and her topic was A Woman in a Man’s World. She spoke about how she “took a jump” and how having “passion, drive and desire” helped her to come out on top in the male dominated industry of software development.

I hate to be biased but Mohale Mashigo was my favourite speaker mainly because shes’s a writer. I felt like I could relate to her story because she has read most of the books that I also read at school and for leisure. Have you ever had the feeling that a speaker was speaking directly to you, even if they’d never met you before or had any information about your life whatsoever? Anyway-please excuse my side note, (sometimes I have these moments where I need to express my personal feelings so please bare with me.) Moving on, Mohale’s topic was Power of Storytelling. She shared the challenges she faced during the time she was trying to write her book up until the stage that it was ready for publishing. What I took away from her was that “you have to learn to finish”, “you have to learn to let go” and that “every story matters”.

Mohale happens to be an Author, Singer and Radio Presenter. I managed to get my hands on a copy of her book The Yearning as well as a copy of her album: Invincible Summer which came in our goodie bags. I will be writing a review of The Yearning as soon as I tuck into it, hopefully very soon 🙂

Unfortunately I had to leave before Chyemenn-Santos finished speaking. I did manage to listen in on the first part of her presentation which was on Overcoming Adversity. She shared a touching story of how her husband tragically died in the early stages of their marriage, how her world came crashing down and how she managed to pick up the pieces. Chyemenn went against the odds and is now Author of The Brightest Star in the Sky and Director at Smart Edge.

Last but not least the lady behind the entire event Jess Mouneimne took to the podium and her topic was Building a Winning Team. I missed Jess’s speech but I heard a lot about what she’s doing and her uplifting book Being Boss. Jess is an Author and Director at Jam Media.

Women's Day 2016

In conclusion, my Women’s Day challenge to you is to find out more about these women, dig deep into their stories and draw as much positivity and inspiration as you can from them. If they can make it, why can’t you! Happy Women’s Month <3