Black Friday South Africa 2018

Is that even a thing? Some might ask…Well, I’m here to break it down for you. Black Friday South Africa is in actual fact a THING! Yes you may have heard of the famous “smashed window” incident at Canal Walk shopping Centre in 2017. And guess what, it is highly likely that such an incident may repeat itself, perhaps at a different mall this time, who knows. I am not here to give you tips on the best standing position you need to adopt to avoid getting pushed, pulled or even trampled on during the Black Friday South Africa craze. All I can say is shop online honey, no stress, no drama and not a lot of energy required!

Black Friday South Africa tip 1: Identify your target stores

So as much as Black Friday South Africa is a thing not all stores will be having a sale, and let me be quite frank with you, some of them might even lead you into believing that their items are heavily discounted, when in actual fact they are not. Don’t start shopping a random little online store you just discovered two days ago, stick to what you know and love. So here comes my second tip…

Black Friday South Africa 5
Photo cred: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Black Friday South Africa tip 2: Sign up for sale alerts

You need to be the first to know when the sale hits and also be sure of which channels they are promoting on. Will it be on their App? on Social media or on the website. Pay attention to details! Also know the exact start dates, I know some sales are running from 19-23 November, while others will run from 23-26 November, also this is not hard and fast so make sure you sign up for the sale alerts.

Black Friday South Africa 2
Photo cred: Mac cosmetics

So some of my favourites by category are:


Black Friday South Africa 7
Photo cred: Blue Betty
  • Blue Betty, I am not sure if they will have a sale but I just love their shoes.
  • Poetry


  • Urban Decay, If l lost my mind for a day, I would spend all my savings on them, so in love with their products.
  • Mac Cosmetics, need I say more, basically same story as UD.
  • Red Square which is now Edgars Beauty, I might pick up a fragrance or two.

Personal Care:

All & Sundry:

Black Friday South Africa tip 3: Add your favourite items to your wishlist

In my opinion Black Friday is not just about spending money it’s about saving and being savvy with your coin.

You need to classify your approach in three ways:

1. What I need: toiletries, christmas presents

2. What I want: clothes, shoes, make-up

3. What is my ultimate splurge item? TBC…

Black Friday South Africa 2018

I really hope this was useful!

Happy shopping

How are you tackling Black Friday this year? Let me know in the comments section 🙂



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