Caledon Hotel and Spa

So I spent part of my Easter holidays in Caledon which was amazing and only 1hr 30mins away from Cape Town city. Unfortunately the weather in Cape Town wasn’t really playing ball when we arrived at the hotel. Nonetheless we managed to make the most of our time off. Upon arrival we secured a pool-side room which was close to the pool bar-of course, but because it was a bit cold, we actually didn’t get to use it. However The Caledon Hotel and Spa is well known for its hot springs with temperatures that range between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius. For a cold day this was a perfect way to stay warm! We tried out the different level of pools and finally the Turkish Bath which was super hot and made me feel a bit dizzy. WARNING: when going to the hot springs ensure that you have a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration, also don’t stay in the water longer than the stipulated times. I must say that the hot springs at The Caledon Hotel and Spa were very relaxing, in the end I felt like I’d just received a hot stone massage. Haha!


Anyway after spending some time at the hot springs it was time for dinner. Now I had a quick look as some of the restaurants on the premises and unfortunately all of them had bad reviews-eek! So we missioned to Hermanus which is about 36 minutes away from Caledon. Just a quick summary of Caledon, basically the highlight of the town is the Hotel, end of story. Moving on, Hermanus is a super-cool coastal town that has some trendy apartments, hotels and restaurants. Upon arrival we came across a beautiful Easter Theatre production of the Crucifixtion by the seaside. Most of the residents were huddled up in one corner, under warm blankets as they sipped on warm drinks and watched the vivid production. It was in Afrikaans so only the actions made sense to me…

Beintang’s Cave Restaurant Hermanus

First off- before we get to the setting, this place has a 4.0 rating on TripAdvisor, enough said? Maybe not 🙂 Nestled in a little cave under the promenade, with only the deep blue sea to its left, this seafood gem is just the place you need to try if you haven’t been. As a first-timer I was fascinated by the authenticity of its location and interior designs that truly depicted a cave. Despite the bitter cold and raging winds outside I found this restaurant very warm and cosy. We went ahead and ordered dinner, I had the Kingklip and salad. I have to say that it was the best Kingklip I’ve had–ever! It was super juicy and grilled to perfection, I also had a glass of Felicite which came recommended by the waitress. The meal was slightly pricey but I believe that it was worth every Rand. I even fell in love with the wine which I will be hunting down in a few weeks to come, apparently it’s a product of the Newton Johnson family winery in Hermanus.

Back To Caledon

After dinner we drove back to our hotel in Caledon. The next morning the weather was a little bit better but, I must say that The Caledon Hotel and Spa isn’t a great place to visit during the holidays. There were tonnes of families with hundreds of screaming kids-basically a living nightmare! There was lots of noise in the hallways and breakfast was a complete disaster! Too many people to cater for, no seats, it was cold and windy outside and unfortunately this is where we ended up having an ice-cold breakfast. The coffee was also the worst i’ve tasted in a while, this hotel is very beautiful but seems to fall short when it comes to service. Needless to say I had a great time but after breakfast I was dying to move on to the next location where I could enjoy at least one good coffee.

Watch this video to see more of my time at The Caledon Hotel and Spa

I hope you liked it and look out for my next post on Robertson!