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Hey guys!

Please read my review on blogging and Youtube. So I know it’s been a minute! I’m so sorry for being MIA. I was busy settling into my new job, the holidays came and went and I just couldn’t get into the zone…However that is all in the past now and I can promise that I will be loading weekly blogs and videos in between. As I may have mentioned before my aim is to share my best tips, tricks and reviews on products, places and hey, who knows may even review people! (jokes!) Look out for a fashion haul quite soon, I made some purchases on my favourite online shopping sites mainly Superbalist and Spree.


As you guys may or may not know I review products for rubybox, who are super amazing, they also give me an opportunity to discover some hidden beauty gems, which I usually fall in love in love with and usually purchase.

I also have something interesting for the ladies to look out for, its a monthly subscription and I basically cant give away too much at this stage. I may make some purchases from them in the meantime, but just watch this space and remember to follow me on the Gram!

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If you want to see what I get up to everyday then that’s where you’ll see it all: fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all. Look out for some cool snaps and reviews of restaurants, food, wine and hotels in Cape Town – oh actually i’m going on a quick break this Easter so i’ll defo be loading some cool images and  videos of Cape Town.

Watch this video below to find out how I intend on staying motivated!

My favourite YouTubers, in no particular order 🙂

Casey Neistat (USA)

Jamie & Nikki (Melbourne, Australia)

Joe & Ida (UK)

The Curly Coopers (USA)

Today With Tray (Toronto, Canada)

AdannaDavid (Ireland)

Patricia Bright (UK)

Shelly Eniag (UK)

Jennie Jenkins (UK)

Gabe Babe TV (USA)

Ines Munyemana (Montreal, Canada)

Victor & Amy (UK)

Adrien & Koya (USA)

Sonsearae Hagan (USA)

Zuri & Mettin (USA)

Latoya’s Life (USA)

Mazlee (USA)

Aki & Bee (USA)

COMMENT BELOW if you have any other great YouTubers to share!


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