Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch.

Winelands_Chocolate Festival_Blaauwklippen_Estate_2016

The 2016 Winelands Chocolate Festival was held at the beautiful Blaauwklippen Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. Upon arrival we were greeted with a goodie bag that contained two cubes of Lindt chocolate, a wine glass and a copy of the Good Taste magazine. The weather in Stellenbosch was a warm 23 degrees with clear blue skies, so everyone gobbled up their chocolate before it melted and made their way to the Chocolate Emporium that was full to the brim with eager chocolate lovers.

Died and Woke Up in Chocolate Heaven

This year’s Chocolate Festival made sure that all those who appreciate the sweet bar had more than enough to taste and purchase. The Chocolate Emporium was filled with the hypnotic scent of sweet treats and was decorated with chocolate slabs of all shapes and sizes; shavings and nuggets of various flavours, that were free for all to taste to their heart’s content. Other delicacies on offer included Macarons, Nougat and Fudge.

Winelands Chocolate Festival 2016 Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch_1  Winelands Chocolate Festival 2016 Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch_3  Winelands Chocolate Festival 2016 Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch_4


While hunting for my next best treat to taste, I came across the amazing team behind Afrikoa which is the first bean-to-bar chocolate producer in South Africa. They are passionate about supporting farmers and producing world class chocolate that is sourced in Tanzania, Africa. What makes Afrikoa so special is that they cut out the middle man by trading directly with the farmers, to ensure the freshest, finest-quality cocoa beans whilst, empowering the farmers to create a sustainable future.

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Gin, Pampering and Fun in the Sun

So after consuming large amounts of chocolate, I felt like I’d had enough and started to make my way to the Patisserie Garden that was filled with more chocolate in the form of beautifully decorated cakes and desserts. I also found this cute little Gelato cart and an Ice-cream laboratory. This time I only let my eyes do the feasting and quickly moved on to the Blaauwklippen Gin Barrel.

Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch 2016_7  Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch 2016_3  Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch 2016_4

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I’m a certified Gin lover (LOL) so I was very glad to taste three of their Handcrafted Premium Gins which included: 100% Juniper Berries Gin, Citrus Infusion Gin and the African Botanicals Gin which was my favourite of them all. It has a very clean and refreshing finish and is made from Herbs, dried and fresh tea leaves of buchu and rooibos, cloves, cedar wood shavings and pine are adjoined by delicate lemon peel, menthol, dark berries, moss and earthiness. Flavours of forest-honey, maple and almonds deliver sweet and toasty notes. I treated myself to an all organic and handmade cocktail made with the Blaauwklippen African Botanicals Gin.

After enjoying the sun for a few hours I moved back to Emporium where Le Riche Naturals treated us to hand massages to wind down the eventful day. I have to say that I almost didn’t feel like paying R120 for the tickets but at the end of the day I was convinced that it was really worth it. The abundance of chocolate to taste, free wine and gin tastings the relaxing live music as well as the beautiful mountains in the back ground set the scene for another amazing day in the Winelands.

Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch.2016   Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch_2016

Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch 2016      Winelands Chocolate Festival: Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch-2016


*Featured Photo Credit: Blaauwklippen.