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A keen and self-driven go-getter, passionately pursuing a career in digital marketing.

Content Management at Travelstart

Elizabeth Chimani

I was part of the brand team that was responsible for conceiving content for both digital and offline campaigns. My role involved working closely with graphic and multi-media designers to create intriguing content that was on-brand and appealing to the intended audience. I managed all digital and offline content for the Travelstart global market and analysed reports from all marketing channels in order to adjust and optimise existing and future campaigns.

A Sneak Peek of My Work at Travelstart Between 2016 and 2018

Sale concept creation, sale content briefs, competition concept creation, branding, copywriting and design direction and briefs.

Content Management Work

Digital Content Management

http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/  I worked closely with freelance bloggers to edit and upload images and content to the blog page. I also managed all digital and offline content for the Travelstart South African market and analysed reports from all marketing channels in order to adjust and optimise existing and future campaigns. My main focus channels included: newsletter, social media, paid media, web pages, products, mobile content, partnership campaigns, blog and offline.

Personal Blog

http://slightlyobssessed.com This is a personal blog site which is hosted on WordPress. I customised the template from the colours to the template to ensure that it suited my liking. Minor coding was required to set up plugins. I also monitor and manage the SEO ranking using Google Console which I set up and track regularly.

Website total re-brand and Content Management

http://www.fs-systems.co.za/  I added all content from the background colours, to the images, buttons and written content. I managed and edited all the content to ensure that it passed the SEO tests that I ran using WIX-this is also where the website is hosted.

Content Management and Copy Editing

http://www.fire-and-security.co.za/   This was a WordPress site and I was responsible for editing and loading all the content. I also coded using Html to create a consistent style across the entire website.

Content Creation and Reputation Management

http://www.blackpen-immigration.com/   I changed the template so that it could become a multi-lingual website. At the moment you can switch between two languages-German and English I also added blog posts and other content. This website was hosted on Squarespace.

Copy Editing and Content Management

https://www.wineofthemonth.co.za/   I was responsible for a total re-brand and shift for this website. I moved all the content from the old website to the new one. I loaded all content from banners to written text. This website was hosted on a Dev site so there was a lot of coding required especially on the blog pages like this one: https://www.wineofthemonth.co.za/the-wine-press/10_panel-colin-collard


http://www.thesouthafrican.com/?s=wine-of-the-month   I conceived all the campaign concepts, wrote all the copy and loaded all the content to The South African website which was hosted on WordPress. 

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