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New Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Soap (Review)

What is Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Hygiene Soap? Dettol Eventone Pomegranate is a new hygiene soap formulated to kill germs and gently perfect the tone of your skin. I received the Dettol Eventone Pomegranate Soap from rubybox and the first thing I noticed was the scent. It has this beautiful fresh and fruity (pomegranate) scent that …

Beauty Style

Lingerie Letters Cape Town Unboxing

Lingerie Letters Cape Town The lowdown on Lingerie… Hey ladies and guys too! So let’s be honest, nobody like nasty knickers, am I right? Of course I’m right! I know I’ve started a discussion that’s a little bit off the beaten track, but hate it or love it—it has to be addressed. So the reason …

Labello bold_3

Be Bold, Be Confident, Be Free!

Bring Out Your Bold Side with Labello Blackberry Shine! Hello peeps! So by now you might have caught wind there is a brand new Labello on the market! Oh yea this time they pulled all the stops and released a breathtakingly beautiful and delicious new flavour! The Labello Blackberry Flavoured Lip balm is amazing. It …


Impulse Fragrance Review

Impulse Fragrance Review Exciting times ahead!! Hello there by the way! Sooooo rubybox has given me the opportunity to sample the Impulse range of amazing fragrance sprays mainly the Dynamic, Paris and London scents. Hip, hip-hooray! So inside my gorgeous parcel from rubybox were multiple cans of Impulse fragrance sprays, 3 of which I have …


Being Boss Brunch 2016 Review

Being Boss Brunch 2016 First of all I have to say that it was an absolute privilege to attend the Being Boss Brunch which was held at the Fire and Ice Hotel this past Saturday. It being Women’s Month it felt really good to be spoilt rotten and motivated at the same time. What do …

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