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Style: What I Wore In Thailand

Style tips Hey guys so as promised I have a style or lookbook for you from my Thailand trip. It’s basically what I wore almost everyday. If you managed to read my last post on what I packed for my Thailand trip you would know that it was a lot of of cover-ups, kaftans,kimomos, light …

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Fashion Trend Alerts For Spring

Spring Fashion Trend Alerts Hello, again and thank you for visiting my blog! As the name of my blog suggests, I am slightly “obssessed” with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Below I will share some of my spring fashion trend favourites, from off the shoulder tops to mules or slides and finally some tribal accessories and …


Outfits Of The Week (OOTW)

Outfits Of The Week So this is my own version of the popular Outfit Of The Day, OOTD tag. I always struggle to find the perfect outfits for work in the morning. I’m sure it’s because of these main issues below. There are w-aaaaay too many options. As you all know or as some of …

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Lingerie Letters Cape Town Unboxing

Lingerie Letters Cape Town The lowdown on Lingerie… Hey ladies and guys too! So let’s be honest, nobody like nasty knickers, am I right? Of course I’m right! I know I’ve started a discussion that’s a little bit off the beaten track, but hate it or love it—it has to be addressed. So the reason …

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Get Ready With Me!

Get Ready With Me in: One, Two, Three–FAB! I know for a fact that getting ready in record time is always a mission for us fashion and make-up junkies! It’s so hard to look flawless without spending more than 2 hours on your face, hair and outfit, sooooo…I have come up with a four step plan …


Make Another Woman’s Day

Make Another Woman’s Day In the spirit of Women’s Month and actively supporting all the hard working women out there, I thought I’d highlight some of the women who are doing amazing things in the form of a fashion and design haul. Designer Clothing Marguerite Designs, Watershed Cape Town. As you may or may not …